Orange Hair Color Ideas
Orange Hair Color Ideas

Orange Hair Color Ideas

At one time, this color broke into the fashion world, along with the heroine of the film “The Fifth Element”. Today, the orange hair color (not red, but like a sunset or fire) is remembered by the “Fearless”, at cosplay parties, and on the pages of bold beauty bloggers. Yes, it is shocking and defiant, but it is alsp impossible to ignore such a color.

To whom orange hair color is suitable for?

  1. Girls with an active lifestyle, who want not only to be noticed, but also not forgotten.
  2. Autumn and spring appearance – a good base for orange hair.
  3. But of course, the ideal appearance is light skin and green eyes.

And who better to choose another color?

Brown-eyed dark-skinned women. The face of such a girl, framed by orange-colored hair, is no longer spectacular, but rather boring. In your case, you should pay attention to the golden gamut of brown shades for hair (although there are a couple of fire tones … about them below). The owner of freckles. “Redhead” face, red hair – everything will merge. Orange color palette Orange is a compromise between red and yellow. Depending on the amount of pigment added, it can be: just red, honey, amber, carrot or orange.

Orange hair

Rich, bright orange, which is difficult to fit into its appearance. It is considered the color taboo for the dark. But brown-eyed girls, he is suitable, if the skin with light. And yet: it is warm, so it will not decorate the owner of the cold type of beauty.


In fact, it is a deep red, enriched with dark undertones. In order to wear such hair, you need to have olive or fair skin, green or brown eyes. But if it suits you, the image will be complex and delicate.


He is the reddest of this palette. Bright, youth, beautiful – and unnatural. Such a rich orange with dark red halftone will best fit into the image of a fair-skinned girl with brown or greenish-brown eyes.

Redhead Classics of the genre: rich brown or chestnut halftones + orange.

Maybe he is not as bright as most of the above-mentioned colors, but he highlights it from the crowd, not “shouting”. And at the same time the color is very sunny, because the painted head is decorated with many gold threads. Most of all, it fits to the brown eyes. Coral. This color can even be called a little pink. It is light, from a red palette. The skin for such hair can be both light and tanned, and the eyes … Yes, yes, again, green or brown.

Bright orange

One of the undisputed trends of the current season. If you follow fashion trends, then surely you can name some bloggers who have decided on this color. Some of them have gray, green or blue eyes, but you must admit that such hair “plays” best of all in a duet with brown eyes. Red-orange. It can be one shade or a fashionable dyeing style in which two or even three colors converge on one head. Do you have green eyes and a pale face? It means that such a fashionable solution was created for you!

Golden orange

Another trend: the hair is painted in bright red, and the tips are made gold. Feminine and hot! Orange tips. In general, tipped hairs are not a base color – this is a separate topic of conversation this season. Many girls who do not hesitate to a long orange “mane”, ask the masters to make them carrot or coral ends. And this is a good move: if the color does not fit or is not approved by a friend, the tips can be painted over or clipped without harming most of the hair. Stylists consider chestnut or wheat hair to be the ideal base for orange tips.

Makeup for Orange Hair Color

For fiery hair, not every lipstick will do! Look at such cosmetics: – dark blue colors (but you can’t do without a visit to the store with samplers, which are easy to “try on”); – If yellow tones dominate in your hair, choose warm colors (brick, brown, green); – if you painted red-red, allow yourself white shadows and other cool shades of make-up (pink, turquoise, blue, gray); – The best option for redheads – green shadows and natural blush for a couple of tones darker than your skin.


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