Cool shades
Cool shades

Cute Hair Colours

Let’s start with the fact that dark-haired girls look more serious and wiser than their blond friends. No offense to the latter, but for some reason they are not taken seriously at first meet.

  1. It is easier to take care of these hair colours below, especially if the native color differs by no more than 1-2 tones;
  2. Coloring in dark colors does not harm the structure of the hair as in light ones, since they do not have to be strongly discolored beforehand. But in any case, the instructions to the coloring agent should be strictly followed;
  3. Against a dark background, the face looks thinner, which is important for full or just chubby women, and the whole image acquires contrast and nobility.

The most common reason why some women avoid dark tones is that they visually add age. This is really possible if you use bluish-black shades or do not take into account your color type of appearance. But we will help you to avoid such mistakes.

How to Pick a Cute Hair Colour That is Suitable with Your Features

It is difficult to answer the question what hair color brunettes have: it is dark blonde, chestnut and black. And each has many shades that, in combination with the color of the eyes and skin, can make the face more or less expressive, soften or emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the appearance, etc.

Cool shades

If you have a cold color type of appearance, then the color of the paint should also be cold, with a violet, silver or grayish tint. They indicate the numbers or letters of the marking of the coloring agent, located after the point.

For the first time it is better not to dye your hair with your own hands, but to trust a professional who will select the right tone for you or give you good advice. It may be quite simple to use a shampoo for fair hair from time to time, giving it an ashy tint so as not to spoil it with paint.

There are very interesting and beautiful hair colors for brunettes, but frequent coloring, especially if your own and acquired colors are far from each other, causes significant hair damage.

Warm shades

The owners of the spring-autumn tsvetotip more paint will go with yellow or reddish pigments. Reddish tones perfectly harmonize with brown or amber eyes and yellowish or peach skin.

Suitable paint can also be determined by marking. “Your” numbers are 3, 4, and 7, and the letter symbols after the dot are R, K, or W.

You can also use shampoos for brunettes to adjust the color, and even better rinse your hair with an extract of onion peel, tea or coffee. The price of such tinting is nowhere below, and the effect is wonderful.

Which hairstyle & haircut you should choose?

What is the hair color of a brunette, if it matches her color type – this is very important.

But no less important is the choice of the correct haircut, which would fit the features and oval of the face and match the structure of the hair.

Women chubby or full more go long haircuts, hiding the side of the face and visually narrowing it. But here it is important to choose the correct length depending on the length and shape of the neck, so as not to visually shorten it.
Girls with the correct oval of the face and proportional features can afford a haircut with slanting temples and clear contours. Or long curly curls. Or any other hairstyle – it’s easier for everyone.

Low forehead can hide a high bang, and divert attention from a large nose or other flaws – asymmetric hairstyle.
Business women who prefer office style in clothes, will go short stylish haircuts. They are so diverse that you can choose the right one for any appearance.


To answer the question, brunet is what hair color, you can simply: dark. But he has many tones and shades, besides, no one has canceled highlighting, double coloring and other modern ways to make his hair original and spectacular.

Perhaps the video in this article will help you decide on the choice of colors and haircuts, to understand why the shades used earlier did not bring satisfaction, make you look older or emphasized skin defects.


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