29 Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas to Suit any Taste in 2019
29 Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas to Suit any Taste in 2019

Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas

Coloring in a unique color is a great way to make yourself known. This option is suitable for young, “seeking” nature. Although more and more often the variant is mastered by adults. Extraordinary personalities with creative dyeing styles emphasize creative thinking. Ladies aged point to a pronounced individuality, demonstrate a fresh look at the surrounding reality. It is not necessary to make purple hair color the basis of a hairstyle. It is great as an accent complement.

Color features

To make the exterior fashionable, noticeable to others, it is enough to follow the trends suggested by designers and stylists. It is not necessary to buy expensive things, to visit famous beauty salons. Enough to adopt the ideas prompted by fashion shows. Recently, the predominance of violet hues is traced. They are actively used when sewing clothes, creating hairstyles.

It is the hair of purple tones – a fashionable and daring decision for the young at heart. Purple-purple strands diversify appearance. Even a small inclusion of a bright band will support the mainstream trend. The girl with bright curls definitely will not be ignored.

To whom dark purple hair colour is suitable for?

Purple, like all other shades, is able to have a warm and cold temperature. This must be considered when choosing the appropriate tone. By analogy with other options, the cold scale will suit the owners of light skin, eyes, warm – with a dark face, bright irises.

With a purple color scheme on the curls look women. Most men are advised to abstain from such experiments. The exceptions are young guys, extraordinary natures with a bohemian lifestyle.

Violet locks in limited quantities look harmoniously on short hairstyles. It is desirable to refuse full coloring of a head of hair at minimalistic hairstyles. Curls of medium, maximum length with skillfully executed purple tints are elegant.

Full color in purple tones on the square or pixie looks vulgar. Cascade, long straight strands with a correctly created gradient will present the appearance of mystery, will interest others. Learn more about gradient hair coloring on our website.

Maximum attention should be paid to the choice of a purple shade for hair. Despite the apparent monotony, the palette is extensive. There are various color combinations that are in demand.

Popular combinations

Coloring in 1 tone is rare when choosing a purple hair color. Usually a bright shade accentuates the attention, complementing the base color. A mixture of violet and brown (black) is considered classic and discreet. Even the owners of a strict working dress code quietly allow such deviations. A bright tone is selected based on the existing version of the base (black, chocolate, chestnut). Ideal saturated colors: dark purple, plum, wine. It looks good gradient: black, wild plum, delicate violet.

The combinations of violet with blue (blue), red (pink) are interesting. The feasibility of using tones depends entirely on the temperature of the selected shade, the color type available. Holders of “winter” appearance with pale skin, gray, blue eyes are perfect bluish, cold pink combinations.

The 2018 trend is a combination of amethyst tones with gray-gray. The combination of cold shades is both gentle and strong depending on the intensity of staining. To create a harmonious picture is difficult. It is recommended not to experiment on your own, trust an experienced master.

Dark Purple Hair Colour Ideas

Coloring at home

Coloring in purple tones at home is not easy to do. Lack of experience affects the quality of the result. In most cases, the picture is vulgar, tasteless. Skillfully combine colors, make a smooth transition capable experienced master.

If you wish to paint your own hair in 1 tone, it is desirable to choose moderate, inconspicuous shades. It is recommended to begin experiments with the use of unstable dyes. Even a tint shampoo (balm), designed to smooth the blond, is able to give a bluish-purple shade on the bleached curls, giving off ashes. To obtain even shades of varying intensity using special tinting tools.



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