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17 The Most Popular Fall Hair Colors and Highlights Ideas in 2019

Autumn trends in the world of fashionable hair dye revolve around natural toning, as well as half tones with bright hues. Pale orange and pale pink hair color come into fashion, which stylists recommend to wear paired with a blond or ashy shade.

Today, we will talk about what hair color will be relevant in the autumn season, and also discuss hair coloring techniques that stylists are increasingly using to create a fashionable image.

Hair Color Ideas for Autumn 2019

long blonde bob with darkened roots ash blonde hair color beautiful copper hair color chocolate hair color for African American women

Multi-color hair coloring really looks very impressive. I would like to note that this is quite a bright trend of the new season.

Here, stylists use several fashionable shades of hair, which allow you to create a luxurious image. At the same time, it is important to choose precisely bright shades that surprise with unusual images. So, in 2019, at the top of popularity were such hair colors as bright green, pale pink, orange, and pale yellow.

dark brown to red ombre with blonde ends caramel ombre highlights for dark brown hair cherry coke hair with burgundy highlights strawberry blonde hair with lavender balayage highlights

Combining all these shades together, you have the opportunity to demonstrate unusual tones. However, such a hair color, although it looks bright, but the right combination requires from a stylist a competent approach to the technique of coloring hair. It is important to mix several fashionable hair shades at once, and they should complement each other.

If in past seasons it was important to create shaved hair in the back of the head, and also to form unusual images with the help of patterns on the hair with a special razor attachment, today at the peak of popularity there is color tinting of hair, which imitates a wide variety of patterns. It can be both a drawing in the form of floral patterns, and fashionable beautiful images of animals, birds, etc.

golden brown hair with highlights chocolate hair color subtle copper red ombre black to chocolate ombre

The current trend of the new season is also becoming beige hair, as well as all shades of wheat. If you want to surprise the surrounding with a beautiful shade of hair, be sure to pay attention to all shades of sand, golden, beige flowers.

They are in trend. Today, stylists recommend choosing fashionable shades of warm blond, which allow women to look very beautiful and warm in autumn. So, a warm blond is perfectly combined with blue or green eyes, as well as fair skin. On the store shelves, a dark blond or warm blond can be found under the label caramel blond, warm blond, wheat blond, beige shade, honey hair color.

Choosing a fashionable shade for the new season, be sure to pay attention to the ashy hair color. If you want to be in the center of fashion events, then ashy hair color is just one of the 2019 trends.

He does not go out of fashion for several years and beats all records of popularity. This year, at the top of the popularity was a shade of platinum blond silver. Stylists create it using multi-tone hair dye, which allows you to use several fashionable shades. As a result, we get a deep rich hair color that will suit the owners of fair skin and gray eyes.

brown blonde hair with highlights reddish brown hair with light copper ends red to blonde ombre for medium hair black hair with burgundy highlights

Red hair color. One of the brightest shades of our time is considered to be red hair color. Today, he received a lot of different shades, so that is popular with women of all ages and tastes. The most popular in 2019 becomes a warm caramel shade.

This fashionable hair color is preferred by women up to 30 years old. The shade of hair is warm Caramel is a soft combination of blond blonde, paired with a red shade of hair. As a result, it turns out a beautiful caramel color, with light notes and rich red hair color. Caramel hair color will be a good solution for owners of dark or olive skin, as well as blue or green eyes.

However, in the line of red hair shades there are also more radical tones. So, in 2019, orange hair is on top of popularity. A popular technique is the blorange dyeing that binds two shades of hair – it is orange and pink. As a result, it turns out a beautiful pale orange hair color that looks very unique.

dark brown hair with medium brown ombre highlights ash brown hair color copper hair color with highlights and lowlightsIf you want to create a natural look, which, by the way, will be incredibly popular in 2019, pay attention to the classic black hair color. Of course, according to stylists, black hair can have many different shades.

And in 2019, natural coal black hair color was at the top of popularity. Pay attention to this fashionable shade. Hair coloring techniques. Balayazh. Technique staining in the style of balayazh suggest a soft lightening of certain strands of hair, and toning the rest.

At the time of the balayazh technique, the stylist paints the strands at once in several fashionable shades, and then forms an image so that the hair has beautiful highlights of the light shades of the hair. As a result, saturated bright tones are obtained. black to marsala ombre


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