long bright burgundy hair

These fashionable mahogany hair color that emphasizes the natural beauty of the hair. The tonality of the hair color should create harmony with the eye color and highlight not only the strands, but also all the beauty of the hair.

Any top stylist in the world of hairdressing will tell you that color is very delicate and complex art. To achieve the perfect effect from the coloring and to make it look natural, elegant and juicy, you need a hand of an experienced master.

dark mahogany hair dark burgundy hair with highlights long bright burgundy hair

When choosing a color and type of staining, always remember that all people are divided into four color types (therefore the master must first determine your color type):

Hair dyeing techniques 2019

In modern technology of hair coloring uses a huge number of different shades and combinations to meet the needs of any client. Fashionable coloring 2019 consists of natural shades, where the borders and transitions are smooth and barely noticeable, as if you are applying shadows and shading, and in coloring. And most importantly – it is a high-quality coloring, which is able to preserve the structure of the hair along the entire length.

long mahogany hair with face-framing balayage mahogany balayage for dark brown hair long wavy mahogany hairstyle

Modern coloring does not injure the hair roots. The possibility of hair coloring PHYTO and BIO dyes based on oils. Maximum protection of the hair shaft during dyeing (the masters use special preparations for the protection and reconstruction of hair). Coloring with transitions creates a volumetric deep and radiant color, and stretching the color allows you to wear it for 5 to 10 months.

Shatush gives curls the effect of burnout in the sun, it is also called French highlighting. This coloring is suitable for both light and dark hair. Coloring is quite complicated, because the master must carefully shade the tone to create the effect of naturally burnt hair. The roots are not affected during dyeing, and the ends are traditionally lightened and, if desired, are colored in the desired shade.

layered burgundy hair black bob with purple balayage burgundy hair color idea

Coloring shatush allows you to achieve a smooth and the most natural transition between shades. In this coloration, there should not be sharp jumps and transitions from one tone to another, this is the trend of 2019.

The main advantage of shatush coloring is the absence of the need for constant correction. Regrown roots are hidden due to the unique features of the technology, but this technology requires the work of an experienced master.

This is based on its name, which literally means “touch of air”. Because the essence of staining is that it is made with a hair dryer. The hair is divided into zones, then a small strand of hair is taken and blown by the air stream of the dryer so that about 30-50% of the initial volume is left of each strand to remove all short and weak strands.

dark brown hair color idea black and mahogany long balayage hair medium layered mahogany hairstyle

And the hair that has remained in the hands of the master is painted with paint, while stepping back from the roots 3-5 cm (the roots are then tinted). It is thanks to this separation of the strands (the thinner the strands of separation, the better the lightening will be), the hair will later have many-sided transitions and overflows.

The scheme of application is quite complicated and only the masters of color are aware of it. The degree of clarification of hair and the time of exposure is also regulated by the master, so the final result depends on his skill.

medium burgundy hairstyle medium mahogany hair color dark brown hair with auburn balayage

The main distinctive feature of AirTouch coloration in the most blurred borders of color stretching, the transition from the unpainted part of the head to the bright ends is smooth and completely unsharp, very close to the natural. In addition, the coloring gives the visual volume to the hair. “Worn” staining 5-6 months, although many are 9-10 months, while everything looks very natural.

AirTouch dyeing can be done on light and dark hair, as well as of different length and structure, even curly and curly hair.

Visually, AirTouch is very similar to staining with a balasteer and shatush.

medium shaggy black haircut with mahogany ends dark brown hair with babylights two tone mahogany hair color burgundy hair color mahogany ombre hair


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