Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas
Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas

Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas

The current trend is totally pastel shades. If earlier turquoise, lavender, peach curls could be seen only in magazines or competitive works, today rich tones have filled the streets. Choose brunettes who want to emphasize the richness of black. For blondes, this is a great way to embody the puppet image of Malvina. Pastel blue hair requires not only professional coloring, but also the use of high-quality care products, so that the curls remain soft and silky.

Truly royal color, in its natural environment, natural dyes are very rare. Adjusts for peace and inner harmony, is used in meditative techniques. For the beauty industry it is a classic, inspiring designers for real works of art.

Techniques staining in rich blue are used relatively recently, thanks to the popularity of the whole rainbow palette. But the pearl-blue modulations were met earlier in the palettes of blond, chestnut, blue-black.


  1. Adds personality to the style;
  2. Rich palette of shades;
  3. Emphasizes bright makeup;
  4. Fits different color types;
  5. Successful combinations with both dark and light tones.


  1. On porous curls difficult to predict the end result;
  2. Requires careful care, use of professional cosmetics;
  3. Regularly need to be tinted to maintain intensity;
  4. When using the hair dryer, curling iron is required to cover the strands with protective sprays.

To Whom Pastel Blue Hair Color is suitable

The choice of blue strands for both men and girls also means protest, rebellious moods. The desire to express an individual perception of the world is characteristic of adolescence. But creative creative people also crave freedom of choice, therefore, at 70 years old, they can afford blue, turquoise strands. It is popular with guys who are ready for various experiments with their own appearance.


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