Angled Wavy Brown Bob With Blonde Balayage
Short Ombre

Stylish short haircuts do not lose their relevance. They are practical, convenient, allow you to experiment with hair, add to the image of enthusiasm, youth and charm.

In dyeing hair season 2019 fashion stylists recommend using different shades and color play. Fashionable trends for short hair suggest color experiments with both the traditional palette of natural tones and bright futuristic accents.

light brown ombre bob Blonde Balayage Bob With Dark Roots Angled Wavy Brown Bob With Blonde Balayage

Therefore, forget about the monochromatic color and try out non-standard combinations and new color techniques. A popular dyeing technique combines two harmonious colors that flow seamlessly into one another.

At the roots, the tone can be lighter or darker than at the ends, which provides the hairstyle with an interesting look and necessary contrast. For short lengths, it is important to observe the rule of contrast, according to which the second dye should not differ by more than two tones. It is important to achieve a gradual transition, avoiding the effect of regrown roots.

pastel pink ombre bob short black pixie with ash blonde balayage Pastel Blue Ombre Bob

A simple and quite expressive technique makes it possible to create a fashionable effect of hair “burned out” in the sun. Keeping the natural shade, the master brightens selectively strands. Smooth lines are not necessary, and you can start lighting from any height. Much depends on the natural tone of the hair, so the stylist can choose how to lighten and create dark curls. For short hair, everything is done as simply as possible, the strands are combed and covered with dye.

A real gift for owners of thin hair, was the technique of three-dimensional dyeing, based on a combination of several shades of the same color. The end result looks amazing, turning rare strands into a voluminous hairstyle. The technique visually adds density, creates a natural shine and many-sided play on short hair. Similar hair dyeing season 2019 is perfect for blondes, but dark-haired girls can try a novelty.

Pastel Purple Reverse Ombre For Bob Wavy Shaggy Brown Blonde Balayage Bob Brown To Blonde Ombre Bob

Curious, bold and at the same time unique, revealing individuality of images, you can create staining with stencils. Fashionable trends in hair coloring raise spectacular accents to the top of popularity. So feel free to apply a contrasting decor for short hair in the season 2019.

Technique involves a combination of colors that are so harmoniously intertwined with each other that it is impossible to draw any boundaries. Stretching colors, playful reflections, changing shades, make curls alive and natural. Monochromatic dyeing, giving styling a look of an artificial wig, remains in the distant past. Hair dyeing using the balayazh technique of the 2019 season, suitable for blondes and brunettes. It aims to repeat the natural play, make short hair well-groomed and shiny.

Blonde Balayage Pixie With Black Roots medium layered burgundy to copper ombre hair pixie with ombre for bangs

One of the most popular dyeing options for short haircuts is to color the frontal part. The small length of the curls often implies the presence of bangs, which, according to fashion trends, need to be made a basic element. Different colors, contrasting, bright or lighter will attract attention and diversify the usual image. Using fashionable shades, you can safely experiment and try different color variations.

As in the last season, fashionable rainbow-colored hair in 2019 remains in trend. Photos of bright strands and rainbow overflows continue to decorate fashion magazines, and on short hair such bold decisions will look particularly stylish and impressive. If the combination is chosen correctly, the hairstyle is suitable even for an office style.

The following color scheme is designed exclusively for short lengths. Photos of bright news are already decorated with glossy magazines, and look very attractive. An alternative to the already popular ombre season is a clear separation of two contrasting colors. The main task of fashionistas using this technique is to make a bright, expressive hairstyle.

Two-Tone Black And Blonde Pixie Blonde Wavy Ombre Balayage Bob Auburn Pixie With Temple Undercut Pastel Purple Pixie With Pompadour Bangs Black And Gray Pixie short choppy haircut with blue balayage Blonde Ombre Bob Black Bob With Light Brown Balayage Highlights short choppy hairstyle with light copper balayage African American Curly Burgundy Pixie Ash Blonde And Brown Pixie light copper balayage for short brown hair pastel blue ombre for ash blonde hair Dark Brown Bob With Blue Gray Balayage Medium Brown Ombre Shag With Bangs Pastel Pink And Brown Pixie Fauxhawk African American Brown And Blonde Pixie dark brown to blonde short ombre hair


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